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Oh Whitney (2/13/12)

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My Juice Boxes Of The Week 1/29-2/2

I live in San Francisco, a city that's racially diverse, however, most men regardless of race tend to lean towards whites & Latinos. As a result I usually wind up hooking up with out of towners, but this week has been different. I've been getting plenty of local Bay Area ass and I have the pics to prove it. PS: →

The Shit is STILL Whack!!! (12/24/11)


I’m Such A Nerd! 12/20/11

How to Grow A Pineapple Plant Indoors. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJfpZLTbfh0 This video shows you how to grow a new pineapple by using a fresh pineapple crown. Here are the steps: (supplies needed listed at bottom) Step One: Prepare the Crown -Buy a fresh healthy pineapple (preferably organic). -Cut the crown off and remove any remaining pineapple flesh. -Strip off some of the lower leaves, exposing up to about →

I Completely Fucking Agree !!!

httpv://youtu.be/sdXdYHzdIeY Do something? I think he did! After 11 days of witness testimony and evidence reviewing, the grand jury in Manhattan declined to indict the MacDonald's employee who went all "Tiger Woods with a metal pipe" upside the head of two unruly patrons who decided to cross the counter to attack him. What the attempted attackers didn't know, was that Rayon McIntosh was →

ATL iPhone Pics 11/29/11


H&M Versace Madness (11/19/11)

httpvh://youtu.be/gTzqAhXw32w?hd=1 I woke up early Saturday morning November 19th, 2011, so I decided to grab some Starbucks and swing past the H&M flagship store in the Union Square area of San Francisco to make fun of all the douche bags who stood in line for hours & days just to get their hands on some low grade Versace garments. None of →

Halloween Pic

It’s Titty Time !!!

Penis Pics & Such Things (posted 10/23/11)

Here are a few pictures courtesy of my iPhone.   Knocking hoes out since day one.

Cum Loaded: Cum Makes The Best Lube (Now in Blu-Ray VOD)

Running Time: 60 Minutes Release: 09/2011 Studio: JuicyGigolo Entertainment Director: Chase Coxxx Videographer: Pat T. Kakes Starring: Troy Moreno, Maverick & Chase Coxxx If the 3rd time really is a charm then you are truly in for a treat. Watch as Chase Coxxx uses Troy Moreno's huge cum load as lube while fucking power bottom Maverick in this sloppy, wet, bareback jizz filled fuckfest. 2 cum →

And My Next Release Is….

Pics From The Set (Sept. 4, 2011)

Here are some pictures from a threesome scene I shot with two models (Troy Moreno & Maverick) for my studio yesterday. I'm excited about this one.... I hope you are too.   Currently editing, more to cum soon.

Rawrotica (BUY NOW!!!)

                                                                             Front Running Time: 60 Minutes Release: 08/2011 Studio: JuicyGigolo Entertainment Director: Chase Coxxx Starring: Will Helm, Kriss Aston, Mathew Rodriguez & Chase Coxxx For my 2nd effort I →


It's that time once again for another release from my personal studio Juicygigolo Entertainment. My newest release is called 'Rawrotica' and features a very passionate scene with two of my close friends from Paris Will Helm & Kriss Aston who are absolutely gorgeous, sexy AND hot, plus they are real life lovers so what you see is 100% genuine and not →

Why I Dislike The Stupid Adam Bouska NoH8 Campaign

I'm soooo over folks taking those godawful ineffective Adam Bouska NoH8 pics. They are overly edited, saturated with heavy lights and more about the vanity of the subjects which speaks louder than the eyeliner scribbled on their airbrushed cheeks. If you support marriage equality and want to convince others of the same, is the viable solution to have your photograph taken? These →

Black Monster Cock 2

On Monday I added a blog post of a homemade video I made with Trap Boyy after it was removed from Xtube due to my website's logo watermark. Within seconds of the post going live, I received a tweet from Trap Boyy explaining how I had misspelled his name. At first I laughed at his sense of urgency, to which →

Chase Coxxx & Trap Boyy

I've decided to upload this video here because the original posting on Xtube was recently removed due to my logo watermark (a big no no on that site). See the extended version of this scene in 'Dicktators 3: Annihilation'  from Breed It Raw Running Time: 45 Minutes Released: 6/2011 Studio Name: JuicyGigolo Entertainment Director: Chase Coxxx Starring: Chase Coxxx, Robby Mendez In my debut video I keep it pretty →

Juices & Berries In My Hair.

Lesson Learned

Don't Fuck With A Man's Small Business

Life’s A Drag…

When you're getting your ass kicked: Two women in Minneapolis, Minnesota fighting over a baby daddy for the 3rd time.... Hugs for everyone.

Random Pics From San Francisco

The Reason I Wasn’t On Twitter Today

Excuses are like assholes... and I had to have his.        

JuicyGigolo Jackin’

Stroked ____Check Out My Studio's 1st Release____ Running Time: 45 Minutes Released: 6/2011 Studio Name: JuicyGigolo Entertainment Director: Chase Coxxx Starring: Chase Coxxx, Robby Mendez In my debut video I keep it pretty simple and allow the camera to capture me doing what I do best which includes eating ass and giving a bottom relentless deep strokes with my 11 rock hard inches. I paired →

Church Smokin’

httpvh://youtu.be/g2D3u_3il2U?hd=1 Watch as roving reporter Chase Coxxx ask questions that only an asshole would pose to an Asian crack smoker who decided to light up on the side of a church.