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How NOT To Measure A Man’s Worth (1/24/13)

It's 2013 and like clockwork, the vile feud-whore that is Douche Bag Washingturd, once again managed to slither out from his lair of bipolar misery to insult me with unfounded accusations; you know his routine: a noun, a verb and an HIV slur. Well, this time his minstrel routine of coonery & buffoonery had me thinking about the false sense of superiority →

Don’t Deny It Till You Try It Bitch

Diesel Washington screen grab from Youtube (& she had nerve to call me a "butterface"!) What a difference ten days makes. On December 16, 2010 Diesel Washington (aka Sean Coonery aka Dish Rag Washington), rejoined Twitter because he missed the attention from the sycophants and because he was prompted to return by a couple of weak ass →

Phony Outrage & Hyperbole: Tackery Sour (Zachary Sire) Strikes Again

On Friday blogger Zachary Sire posted a rant on TheSword.com where he dramatically proclaimed that "It's Time For 'Men Of Color Blog' To Shut Down", in the article he sights recent comments made by Victor Hoff of the MOC blog about Diesel Washington being a "default black porn actor" as reasons for his furious outrage. He begins by ridiculing Hoff for apologizing to →

Self promoters, douche bags & punk ass blog editors. Oh My!

There are a couple of articles on The Sword's website that make me want to chime in, but of course Zach "Puffy Face" Sire doesn't believe in fairness or equality so she blocks my comments from the site. In her eyes, my years in the industry and the many titles I have under my belt are not enough reason for →