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The Shit is STILL Whack!!! (12/24/11)


I’m Such A Nerd! 12/20/11

How to Grow A Pineapple Plant Indoors. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJfpZLTbfh0 This video shows you how to grow a new pineapple by using a fresh pineapple crown. Here are the steps: (supplies needed listed at bottom) Step One: Prepare the Crown -Buy a fresh healthy pineapple (preferably organic). -Cut the crown off and remove any remaining pineapple flesh. -Strip off some of the lower leaves, exposing up to about →

H&M Versace Madness (11/19/11)

httpvh://youtu.be/gTzqAhXw32w?hd=1 I woke up early Saturday morning November 19th, 2011, so I decided to grab some Starbucks and swing past the H&M flagship store in the Union Square area of San Francisco to make fun of all the douche bags who stood in line for hours & days just to get their hands on some low grade Versace garments. None of →

Life’s A Drag…

When you're getting your ass kicked: Two women in Minneapolis, Minnesota fighting over a baby daddy for the 3rd time.... Hugs for everyone.