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Last Plane To Paris

I had a lot of spare time this past weekend and I used it to re edit some new & old video of a few of my recent trips to Paris. The last time I was in France was the summer of 2010, when I spent 6 weeks spending my divorce settlement money, plus all the money I was making →

A Passport Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

While cleaning out my hard drive this afternoon, I found some old video of my 1st trip to Barcelona in 2009. This was back when my only source for a digital camera was my then iPhone 3G (or 3GS, I don't care and can't remember)... This video was made less than two hours after my arrival in Spain. My tour guide was →

San Francisco Mayhem

I shot this video a few months ago while walking through Union Square (a MAJOR tourist destination) in San Francisco. I'm a firm believer in always bringing my handy cam with me whenever I leave my house, because you never know what you will stumble upon. In this video below you will see an altercation between the Forever 21 retail →

I’m A Make It Rain, Bitch.

Everyone knows Monday mornings can be a drag, so what better way to brighten your day than by watching a fat bitch drop it like a vegetable? Enjoy.

Vivica Fox Shitted

Vivica Fox celebrates getting her back realigned by a sexy 26 year old man-toy. You'd betta work bitch!!! Ok, it's official, Vivica Anjanetta Fox is a muthafucking boss bitch! That 46 year old tranny faced cradle robber has bagged herself one those sickening ATLiens with youth, body, lips and a smile that makes you wish he was your cell mate during a →

Merveilles de l’hiver (Winter Wonderland)

It is a fact that I'm a francophile, I love all things French (well most) and that includes my latest obsession with Parisian snow scenes. Lately my good friend Pierre has been feeding my addiction like a street corner pharmacist. Here's a glimpse at my latest stash. Pont Neuf Palais Royal Place de la République →

Fuck This Weather

Much of the United States is either freezing or soaking up the rain drops so I thought we could all use a bit of sunshine, some clean sand and soothing ocean waves. I give you Miami December 2009 (the first time I had sex on the beach). -Chase Coxxx

Whip My Hair (Crack Head Remix)

I treat my handy cam like I treat my Visa credit card, I never ever leave home without it. That means I'm usually ready to record the next Youtube moment and San Francisco provides plenty of material. Here's my latest video put to Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair' single. Fuck all those other videos that you've seen because no one →

“We’re no longer in the 60′s, we have right’s now. Obama’s president!”

A hilarious video I saw on YouTube today.... If only Dr. Martin Luther King were alive to have seen the tables (and hoses) turned. -Chase Coxxx