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ATL iPhone Pics 11/29/11


Snowed in Atlanta

(In the video above you can see and hear the guy calling someone he claimed was his assistant so she could call ahead to the restaurant to let them know we were on our way.) This YouTube video was taken 2 weeks ago in Atlanta during that terrible snow/ice storm that shut down the entire city (amateurs). The ATLiens were so unprepared →

Make It Rayne Part 2

Trapboyy's fat ass Here are a few snap shots from my weekend Black Rayne shoot, I had a wonderful time and couldn't have picked two better scene partners. Speaking of scene partners, I had the great fortune to work with the tall, dark and talented Mr. Hot Rod and the sexually insatiable, bubble butted Trapboyy. I'll add more →

Making It Rayne

For those of you who haven't heard yet, I'm scheduled to shoot 2 scenes with Black Rayne Productions in Atlanta this weekend. My co-stars are secret until after the shoots are over, but I'll say this, I choose two of their hottest models to smash to pieces. Click here to see who the Black Rayne fans have voted for as →