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I Completely Fucking Agree !!!

Do something? I think he did!

After 11 days of witness testimony and evidence reviewing, the grand jury in Manhattan declined to indict the MacDonald’s employee who went all “Tiger Woods with a metal pipe” upside the head of two unruly patrons who decided to cross the counter to attack him. What the attempted attackers didn’t know, was that Rayon McIntosh was already a convicted murderer who was just trying to mind his own business and do good by working the only job a felon can get these days; so they jumped the counter swinging and Ray Ray swung back…. The two women,  Denise Darbeau and Rachael Edwards, suffered lacerations to their head and face and were taken to a hospital, police said. One of the women suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm, according to a complaint filed by the DA’s office. Any sympathy? Ummm, let me be Lalique crystal clear about this, HELL FUCKING NO!!!! Those bitches got their Christmas presents early this year and rightfully so! Let this be a lesson to those who think they can get away with needlessly abusing people who work in customer service type positions.

These classy chicks are still facing charges of menacing, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct…. And how are you?

Update: Rayon Macintosh plans to sue MacDonald’s. 


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  1. etunima4kcab

    Good call by the grand jury. Keep that up and I gain some respect for the American injustice system

    Dec 04, 2011 @ 3:08 PM