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I’m Such A Nerd! 12/20/11

How to Grow A Pineapple Plant Indoors.

Pineapple Crown

This video shows you how to grow a new pineapple by using a fresh pineapple crown. Here are the steps: (supplies needed listed at bottom)
Step One: Prepare the Crown
-Buy a fresh healthy pineapple (preferably organic).
-Cut the crown off and remove any remaining pineapple flesh.
-Strip off some of the lower leaves, exposing up to about an inch of the base of the crown.
-After trimming and stripping, let the crown dry out for a couple days before going to the next step.

Step Two: Root the Crown
-Place the crown in a clear glass of water and change out the water every few days.
(I use water that has drained from my other plants since it’s fertilized. I don’t change it, I just top it off as it evaporates)
-Place in a sunny spot & wait until roots appear, allow them to grow to at least an inch or more.

Step Three: Plants the Crown
-Cover the drainage hole of terra cotta pot with the pottery shard.
-Add a layer fine gravel.
-Add soil mix (2 parts potting soil, 1 part Peat Moss, 1 part Perlite)
-Dig a shallow hole the size of your pineapple crown.
-Place crown in hole and cover with soil mix.

Optional: top with a layer of Top Soil.

Step Four: Moisture Tray
-Fill plastic drain tray halfway with fine gravel.
-Water pineapple until water level just passes the rocks. I only use distilled water (it’s okay to have the very bottom of the pot slightly submerged)
-This step is important as most people don’t live in the tropics & will need the added humidity a moisture tray provides. It’s the only way your plant will survive in the full sun indoors. It also helps to mist the plant a few times a week (I mist everyday).

Replant once a year and wait patiently, in a couple of years you should have a small sized pineapple fruit on top of your plant.

Supplies needed:
-8 inch or bigger porous clay pot with drain hole.
-clay shard (I use a piece from an old clay pot I smashed with a hammer)
-Potting Soil, Peat Moss & Perlite (Top Soil is optional)
-Fine gravel
-Plastic drain tray