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I’ll Fuck Anything French

Well, just about.... Back in March I met up with a sexy French Canadian guy who was in town overnight. He's really sweet and has a hot body, a nice smile and an infectious laugh; plus he can take a LOT of dick (and I certainly like that). While chatting online he told me I looked like a guy he saw in →

The Pipe Cleaner

You know I thrive on attention so I can't go too long without posting a new Xtube video... Here's my latest edition:

Pretty Boyy Cocked

Don’t Deny It Till You Try It Bitch

Diesel Washington screen grab from Youtube (& she had nerve to call me a "butterface"!) What a difference ten days makes. On December 16, 2010 Diesel Washington (aka Sean Coonery aka Dish Rag Washington), rejoined Twitter because he missed the attention from the sycophants and because he was prompted to return by a couple of weak ass →

Chase In Chocolate

Last week I got together with a sexy black muscle bottom at his place and I brought my camera along. Mmm mm mmm.... There's nothing better than some moist chocolate cakes.

Screen Test

Here' s a quick clip of a screen test that I recorded a few days ago. I'm hoping to shoot a full scene with him soon. Tats, muscles and swagger, could you ask for anything more? Click on the image below to start video.

Leakin’ Rican

Here's a clip of a sexy 30 year old Puerto Rican and I doing the bedroom tango. Unfortunately I had forgotten to turn the auto focus option off so some parts of the video are blurred (I'm still trying to get used to my new camera). -Chase Coxxx

TheJuicyGigolo on Xtube

Perhaps I'm most famously unknown for my Xtube videos. Before some of my videos were deleted during one of Xtube's system upgrades, I had over 4 million views in just two years. The reason I say "famously unknown" is because I rarely showed my face in the videos so people only knew me based on my dick and how I →