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Sunday Morning Bottom

This morning when I woke up I logged onto Grindr to see who was in the area and the first guy who messaged me was super hot with a 6 foot 4 inch muscular body, but turned out to be one of those assholes in a relationship who expects a single guy to hookup with him without trading numbers... That →

My 1st Sex Tape Ever

It was in a Las Vegas hotel with a sexy eager bottom who's name I never knew.

The Shit is STILL Whack!!! (12/24/11)


I’m Such A Nerd! 12/20/11

How to Grow A Pineapple Plant Indoors. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJfpZLTbfh0 This video shows you how to grow a new pineapple by using a fresh pineapple crown. Here are the steps: (supplies needed listed at bottom) Step One: Prepare the Crown -Buy a fresh healthy pineapple (preferably organic). -Cut the crown off and remove any remaining pineapple flesh. -Strip off some of the lower leaves, exposing up to about →

H&M Versace Madness (11/19/11)

httpvh://youtu.be/gTzqAhXw32w?hd=1 I woke up early Saturday morning November 19th, 2011, so I decided to grab some Starbucks and swing past the H&M flagship store in the Union Square area of San Francisco to make fun of all the douche bags who stood in line for hours & days just to get their hands on some low grade Versace garments. None of →

Black Monster Cock 2

On Monday I added a blog post of a homemade video I made with Trap Boyy after it was removed from Xtube due to my website's logo watermark. Within seconds of the post going live, I received a tweet from Trap Boyy explaining how I had misspelled his name. At first I laughed at his sense of urgency, to which →

Lesson Learned

Don't Fuck With A Man's Small Business

Church Smokin’

httpvh://youtu.be/g2D3u_3il2U?hd=1 Watch as roving reporter Chase Coxxx ask questions that only an asshole would pose to an Asian crack smoker who decided to light up on the side of a church.

Sue Kroll Forces Romney To Eat His Words

NBC producer Sue Kroll asked the plastic ken doll why he believes the president's policies have made the economy worse -- when the economy has stopped shrinking (like it was up to 2009), the Dow is climbing instead of falling like it was up till 2009, and when the unemployment rate is down a full percentage point from where it was →

You Have To See This!!!


I’ll Fuck Anything French

Well, just about.... Back in March I met up with a sexy French Canadian guy who was in town overnight. He's really sweet and has a hot body, a nice smile and an infectious laugh; plus he can take a LOT of dick (and I certainly like that). While chatting online he told me I looked like a guy he saw in →

Heading To The Set

httpvh://youtu.be/Gipl4AUKL-M On Monday I filmed a scene with Mathew Rodriguez (a 21 year old uncut Latin bottom), and all went well except the lighting sucked so I will have to do some color corrections in post production - oh yeah - and Mathew brought his fucking dog to set without telling me (although we spoke on the phone several times that →

Starting To Grow On Me

I love me some Beyonce, even when she releases a single that I'm not in love with because she brings it so hard in her videos and stage performances that you can't help but fall in. I'm now starting to like 'Run The World'. Here's some preview clips of Beyonce performing her new single 'Run The World' on Oprah's farewell →

HUNG Hot Rods

As I said in my previous post, if you're in the porn industry and I am cool with you, I will make phone calls and send emails to get you cast with studios that have great reputations, put out hot videos and consistently produce #1 titles. ... Recently Hot Rod & Angyl Valantino (gay porns hottest couple hands down) came →

Carnival Barking Bat Shit Crazy Bastard

"What do you call a black doctor in a hospital? A nigger!" I think it's pretty sad that no matter how much you achieve as a black man in the US, you will always be reduced to proving your worth because of the color of your skin. In case you missed MSNBC's 'Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell last night, he addressed →

Why Am I just Now Seeing This?

  Apparently the Tiger Mom comes in a black male addition. Say what you will about his tactics, but I bet that chubby fucker nephew of his will think twice before hopping on FaceBook to play thug for a day. Why does the older guy look like the guy in this gif?

Last Plane To Paris

I had a lot of spare time this past weekend and I used it to re edit some new & old video of a few of my recent trips to Paris. The last time I was in France was the summer of 2010, when I spent 6 weeks spending my divorce settlement money, plus all the money I was making →

A Passport Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

While cleaning out my hard drive this afternoon, I found some old video of my 1st trip to Barcelona in 2009. This was back when my only source for a digital camera was my then iPhone 3G (or 3GS, I don't care and can't remember)... This video was made less than two hours after my arrival in Spain. My tour guide was →

My Latest Video Release

Breed It Raw 5: Nutt In My Gutt (Currently #8 on AEBN.net's most watched list in it's 1st month of release as of 3/31/2011) Product Description: Breed It Raw 5: Nutt in My Gutt is HOT, HOTT, HAWT!!!. Our first exclusively raw "creampie" DVD. Every scene has at least 1 creampie. YUM! Cuban plants his seed deep in KINGS ass while 11.5 →

San Francisco Mayhem

I shot this video a few months ago while walking through Union Square (a MAJOR tourist destination) in San Francisco. I'm a firm believer in always bringing my handy cam with me whenever I leave my house, because you never know what you will stumble upon. In this video below you will see an altercation between the Forever 21 retail →

I’m A Make It Rain, Bitch.

Everyone knows Monday mornings can be a drag, so what better way to brighten your day than by watching a fat bitch drop it like a vegetable? Enjoy.

Shout It Out.

Throughout history there have been several iconic announcers who really know how to get the crowd on their feet in excitement. After 25 years of whooping and hollering Miss Oprah's spot on the list is solidified... I love Oprah's "this is some really big shit" voice.

Cream Filled Cakes

. In January I had the opportunity to work with Hot Rod while in Atlanta shooting for Black Rayne Production's 'Breed It Raw' video line. Since we were snowed in the hotel for most of the trip we had the chance to hangout, be silly and get to know each other some. I have to say that Hot →

New Years 2011

I don't make new year resolutions but I do have goals and I hope to reach some of them in the next 365 days. Health, happiness and prosperity for all in 2011 and beyond!!! Times Square 2011 Thanks Pierre.