CHASE COXXX, International porn star based in San Francisco. CEO of JuicyGigolo Inc. ( & JuicyGigolo Ent.)

My Juice Boxes Of The Week 1/29-2/2

Juice Box - noun:the natural fluid, fluid content, or liquid part that can be extracted from a round bubble butt by fucking it relentlessly. Usually attached to gay men, but some women are rumored to have them too.

I live in San Francisco, a city that’s racially diverse, however, most men regardless of race tend to lean towards whites & Latinos. As a result I usually wind up hooking up with out of towners, but this week has been different. I’ve been getting plenty of local Bay Area ass and I have the pics to prove it. PS: Don’t get nervous about riding my dick because you think I’ll post your pics, these guys all gave their consent as well as their holes.

The Honduran

I met this guy a couple of years ago when he was still kind of chubby and shy, but clearly he’s come out his shell and his body looks great these days. I hooked up with him super late last Saturday night before I left to go to a party with a gorgeous guy who seems to enjoy teasing me sexually while smoking on my weed before leaving me with blue balls. Since this has happened before, I thought it would be smart of me to hook up with someone else and get my nutt so I wouldn’t be pressed by the cock teaser’s antics. Glad I did because the cock teaser slayed me again by not sharing his rectum. The Honduran is a good fuck and we’ve actually shot a scene together for Slut Machine Video, it was a threesome with Antonio Biaggi… One of my worst scenes, performance wise as I was weirded out by the bondage choking theme. I hope to get this guy on camera for my studio sometime soon. We have hot sex together and I haven’t yet fucked a dark skinned bottom for JuicyGigolo Entertainment.

Midnight Saturday/Sunday 1/28/12

Click pic for video link

The Dancer/Gymnast

After I finished with the Honduran I went out with the cock teaser &  his crew and had a pretty good time, but I felt stupid when I was the 1st one dropped off without so much as a handshake or cheek kiss. To make myself feel better I decided to text this sassy guy I’d been trading messages with for a couple of weeks. I guess I called at the right time because he agreed to take a taxi from his place across town at 5AM. many of us have fucked flexible bottoms before, but I had never balls-deeped (sticking your dick so far up a guys ass that your balls are partially in his hole) anyone who had as many positions in their sexual repertoire and knew how to transition without coming off the dick. I normally like to be the one doing all the work, but getting fucked by a bubble booty is pretty pleasing… He has a nice ass, beautiful eyes and he’s really fun to be around.

6AM Sunday 1/29/12

my eyes were rolled in the back of my head.


 The Dancer/Gymnast Part 2

I enjoyed his company just as much as his coochie and found myself wanting him to come over again, so I sent him another text message to see if he was down for a smoke & poke (420 & as much Chase Coxxx as he could handle) , he said he wanted another dose of vitamin D (ick) so he accepted my invite. We hung out for most of the afternoon and evening. I’m usually a fuck-and-go guy so I was surprised at my reaction, I found myself dreading his departure hours before he left. That’s sooo not Chase. Still, it’s nice to know that I can still get that feeling despite my many layers of defense. PS: This guy had me so into him that I returned his kisses with a ferocious passion that kind of scared me. Kissing is very intimate for me so I really save it for special situations. Since I have sex for a living there are a few acts I save for special times, that way when I’m with someone I really really have a connection with, I can still offer them something that everyone else hasn’t had. I can count on one hand how many guys I’ve made out with in the last 2 years. I fucked the cum out of him 2 but never came myself.

3PM Tuesday 1/31/12 Get into that leg he's holding. held that position with ease.




The Bartender:

In pursuit of my elusive nutt, I met a guy on and invited him to come over. We smoked out and fucked and it was all good but I made him bust and even though he tried to let me keep stroking his hole after he came, I could tell it was causing him pain so I stopped; I figured my balls couldn’t get any bluer.

3PM Wednesday 2/1/12


Forever 21

I call him this because he just turned 21 last week and we were suppose to fuck on his birthday but I had some extremely strong weed that should be called Mayweather because it knocked my ass the fuck out, which prevented me from smashing those b’day cakes. If you haven’t yet noticed, my taste in men runs the gamut from big black muscles to short white twinks, a bunch of races, shapes and sizes in between…. This guy is fun to be around and what made him special is he’s the 1st guy I let stay the night in a very long time. We fell asleep cuddling but woke up on separate sides of my Sleep Number bed. We fucked a couple of times during our sleepover but each time I made him bust before me so I never came.

12AM Wednesday 2/1/12



Bust it baby




I went to sleep with this erection.

And the week is not yet over to stay tuned……

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  1. P

    Do you have a Facebook? Or is A4A the only place to contact you for… “personal” inquiries??

    Feb 12, 2012 @ 9:18 PM

  2. clint

    hey stud
    damn love your vids and pics, these last ones of you and ‘forever 21′ are freakin hot bro
    look like damn good time with you and that sexy young boy. love to see more of you two

    Feb 19, 2012 @ 12:12 PM