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My .GIFs Galore!!!

Starting To Grow On Me

I love me some Beyonce, even when she releases a single that I'm not in love with because she brings it so hard in her videos and stage performances that you can't help but fall in. I'm now starting to like 'Run The World'. Here's some preview clips of Beyonce performing her new single 'Run The World' on Oprah's farewell →

I Heart Hugh Jackman

      It's a poorly kept secret that I heart Hugh Jackman's fine Aussie bum. Ever since I walked past the theater in San Francisco where his one man show is doing it's test run (before heading to Broadway I presume) and saw his poster on the walls of the building and his name on the marquee, I have been on a →

Shout It Out.

Throughout history there have been several iconic announcers who really know how to get the crowd on their feet in excitement. After 25 years of whooping and hollering Miss Oprah's spot on the list is solidified... I love Oprah's "this is some really big shit" voice.

Good Ole Fashioned Vocal Battle

I'm always excited about watching the Kennedy Center's Honor tributes because they are known for show stopping performances by various musical acts and this year was no exception. Two of President Obama's inductees for the 33rd annual ceremony were Queen Oprah and Sir Paul McCartney. One of the musical tributes for Madame Oprah was the newly svelte (Weight Watchers my →