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Choose My 1st Cover

First of all, let me say that I am absolutely thrilled (and still a bit stunned) that I've started my own studio and am already set to release my first episode. I need your help deciding on a cover. Should choose #1 or #2? Which version would make you click on the image if you saw it while browsing the internet and most importantly, which cover would make →

***Big News***

  I am pleased and very proud to announce that after a few years in the industry as a performer, I have officially started my own production company called JuicyGigolo Entertainment. I am now making porn y'all !!! I think the best porn comes from guys who started out performing in front of the lens. I have always had a thing for →

TheJuicyGigolo on Xtube

Perhaps I'm most famously unknown for my Xtube videos. Before some of my videos were deleted during one of Xtube's system upgrades, I had over 4 million views in just two years. The reason I say "famously unknown" is because I rarely showed my face in the videos so people only knew me based on my dick and how I →