CHASE COXXX, Gay porn's most famously unknown star on the rise.

Juices & Berries In My Hair.



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  1. DJ

    I just would like to say. I follow you on twitter and you are quite the intellectual. I am surprised that you do porn with the smarts you possess. I am not judging you. Let’s be clear on that first. When reading your timeline i am mystified as to how someone so smart has a career in porn. I see what you are doing. You are parlaying this into a bigger business. Hence your smartness. I always wanted to tweet you, but due to the circumstance of my career. (I work in the Radio and TV industry) I keep my account private because I might say something that is going on behind the scenes that only the “industry” should know that could get out to the masses. So I keep a private account for that reason. I would like to say keep doing what you do! I love your work. Boy do I love it. You are like a politically correct, if I may porn star. I absolutely love it. One day I will make my twitter public just so that I may mention you, and you would receive it. Just wanted to point out that I am a FAN of your MIND as well as your body! Take care DJ

    Jul 22, 2011 @ 6:57 PM

  2. Phil

    Haven’t read your tweets, but i could sense, when first saw you in Dictators 3 (about 5 days ago) make a pointing jesture @your partner, you were a cranial heavyweight.

    Based on the above observation from another admirer, I was right

    Dec 15, 2011 @ 3:26 AM