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Church Smokin’

httpvh://youtu.be/g2D3u_3il2U?hd=1 Watch as roving reporter Chase Coxxx ask questions that only an asshole would pose to an Asian crack smoker who decided to light up on the side of a church.

Shitty Girl Rock

Let's start the decade off with a BANG... Here's my 1st video of 2011 featuring San Francisco's worsts. I call this one Shitty Girl Rock.... You'll see why. When they event something that is better than watching a cracked out crack head dancing on the streets, you be sure to let me know. This shit is like a drug for me, →

Whip My Hair (Crack Head Remix)

I treat my handy cam like I treat my Visa credit card, I never ever leave home without it. That means I'm usually ready to record the next Youtube moment and San Francisco provides plenty of material. Here's my latest video put to Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair' single. Fuck all those other videos that you've seen because no one →

What’s Crack-A-Lackin’

Nothing says welcome to San Francisco like a homeless man showing his ass crack. -Chase Coxxx