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Bitches Be Lyin’

Most of you familiar with this blog already know about the issue over at The Sword with it's editor in chief, Zackkk Sire posting images of KKK members and burning crosses next to articles about black men and blogs dedicated to "men of color" before removing them after receiving negative feedback from an important business associate. One of the images →

The Fussing & Fighting Pays Off: Zackkk Sire & The Sword Come Correct… Sort Of

Yesterday I received a phone call from a very influential porn blogger who heard about and later read my blog post concerning the usage of racially inflammatory images of the Klu Klux Klan and burning crosses on TheSword.com. This blogger was very upset to find out that this kind on Tom foolery was going on completely unchecked by the powers →

Phony Outrage & Hyperbole: Tackery Sour (Zachary Sire) Strikes Again

On Friday blogger Zachary Sire posted a rant on TheSword.com where he dramatically proclaimed that "It's Time For 'Men Of Color Blog' To Shut Down", in the article he sights recent comments made by Victor Hoff of the MOC blog about Diesel Washington being a "default black porn actor" as reasons for his furious outrage. He begins by ridiculing Hoff for apologizing to →

Self promoters, douche bags & punk ass blog editors. Oh My!

There are a couple of articles on The Sword's website that make me want to chime in, but of course Zach "Puffy Face" Sire doesn't believe in fairness or equality so she blocks my comments from the site. In her eyes, my years in the industry and the many titles I have under my belt are not enough reason for →

Random Rants

Random Rants I’m going to start using my blog to express my inner thoughts and not just to announce upcoming projects. I’ll call these Random Rants and here’s Random Rant number 1: Earlier this week the infamous Zach of The Sword website once again made stupid comments while attempting to call out the MOC blog who often waxes poetically about →