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Random Rants

How NOT To Measure A Man’s Worth (1/24/13)

It's 2013 and like clockwork, the vile feud-whore that is Douche Bag Washingturd, once again managed to slither out from his lair of bipolar misery to insult me with unfounded accusations; you know his routine: a noun, a verb and an HIV slur. Well, this time his minstrel routine of coonery & buffoonery had me thinking about the false sense of superiority →

The Shit is STILL Whack!!! (12/24/11)


I Completely Fucking Agree !!!

httpv://youtu.be/sdXdYHzdIeY Do something? I think he did! After 11 days of witness testimony and evidence reviewing, the grand jury in Manhattan declined to indict the MacDonald's employee who went all "Tiger Woods with a metal pipe" upside the head of two unruly patrons who decided to cross the counter to attack him. What the attempted attackers didn't know, was that Rayon McIntosh was →

Why I Dislike The Stupid Adam Bouska NoH8 Campaign

I'm soooo over folks taking those godawful ineffective Adam Bouska NoH8 pics. They are overly edited, saturated with heavy lights and more about the vanity of the subjects which speaks louder than the eyeliner scribbled on their airbrushed cheeks. If you support marriage equality and want to convince others of the same, is the viable solution to have your photograph taken? These →

Random Pics From San Francisco

Carnival Barking Bat Shit Crazy Bastard

"What do you call a black doctor in a hospital? A nigger!" I think it's pretty sad that no matter how much you achieve as a black man in the US, you will always be reduced to proving your worth because of the color of your skin. In case you missed MSNBC's 'Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell last night, he addressed →

You Shameless, Orange Faced Fuck

  Donald Trump's latest Obama bashing bid for attention in an effort to solidify the chances his NBC show will be renewed, came earlier today during an interview with the Associated Press, where he expressed doubts about President Barack Obama's abilities to get into 2 Ivy League schools. "I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go →

Can A Slur Ever Become Just Another Word???

Do you think the constant use of words like nigger, faggot & retard diminishes those word’s attachments to blacks, gays & the developmentally challenged? Once a slur becomes mainstream has it lost it's power to demonize a certain group when it's directed at people from all groups? Does a term of ridicule lose it's steam with repetitious use? What are you thought? Please leave →

The Monster Bashed

If you are a friend of mines or follow me on Twitter or have been to the California tri-state area since 2009, then you know that a fan of Lady Gaga I am NOT! Saying this within earshot of one of Gaga's "little monsters" can be grounds for a fistfight - or a hair pulling, glitter tossing, scratch battle to →

Random Rant #2

I've noticed that every time I voice my displeasure with the mainstream industry for supporting and promoting a less than flattering image of black porn models, the standard response from some within the industry is deflection. Instead of offering an explanation as to why (for the most part) black men are typically showcased as overly aggressive sexually savage tops, the →

Random Rants

Random Rants I’m going to start using my blog to express my inner thoughts and not just to announce upcoming projects. I’ll call these Random Rants and here’s Random Rant number 1: Earlier this week the infamous Zach of The Sword website once again made stupid comments while attempting to call out the MOC blog who often waxes poetically about →