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The Shit is STILL Whack!!! (12/24/11)


Random Pics From San Francisco

Church Smokin’

httpvh://youtu.be/g2D3u_3il2U?hd=1 Watch as roving reporter Chase Coxxx ask questions that only an asshole would pose to an Asian crack smoker who decided to light up on the side of a church.

You Have To See This!!!


San Francisco Mayhem

I shot this video a few months ago while walking through Union Square (a MAJOR tourist destination) in San Francisco. I'm a firm believer in always bringing my handy cam with me whenever I leave my house, because you never know what you will stumble upon. In this video below you will see an altercation between the Forever 21 retail →

Shitty Girl Rock

Let's start the decade off with a BANG... Here's my 1st video of 2011 featuring San Francisco's worsts. I call this one Shitty Girl Rock.... You'll see why. When they event something that is better than watching a cracked out crack head dancing on the streets, you be sure to let me know. This shit is like a drug for me, →

Almost As Good As The Lunar Eclipse

I wasn't able to see the lunar eclipse on the winter's solstice due to too many storm clouds, but this somewhat makes up for it. The view of the moon from the San Francisco Bay Area is breathtaking tonight.

Ballers & Thought Callers: A List of the Top 10 Smartest US Cities

Portfolio.com recently published a study using data from the new American Community Survey, some of which assessed the median level of post secondary education obtained by the residents of 200 cities, in addition to the relative earning power of adults who live in them. Upon reviewing the list of America's smartest cities, there were some surprises sprinkled in with the →

What’s Crack-A-Lackin’

Nothing says welcome to San Francisco like a homeless man showing his ass crack. -Chase Coxxx

San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Parade

Here are some of the pictures that I took during the ticker tape parade yesterday. I'm not a baseball fan but I love a good time so I went to be a part of the reverie. The funny thing is that I wouldn't have recognized a single giant player if they walked up and punched me in my juicy lips. →


I knew that last night would be exciting, but I thought all of the excitement would stem from the 2010 midterm election results; I had no idea that I would end up saving a man's life before Meg Whitman was declared the loser in the California gubernatorial race.... Let me start from the beginning: While flipping back and forth between MSNBC →