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Pic Of The Day 6/7/12

Random pics from Folsom Fair

I arrived kind of late to Folsom Fair this year, it was still packed when I arrived although the pornstars seemed to have left, here’s the pictures I managed to take. Chase Coxxx & Pierre from Paris Chase Coxxx behind the lens. Skull fuck (tongue style) Chicken Choker Steve Cruz and co. A dragqueen and a dragon (with saggy tits) He can't be accused of preaching to →

Folsom Fair 2010 Leather shopping with Chase Coxxx

Just a quick video that I made while out doing a bit of leather shopping with a friend the day before Folsom Fair 2010. I didn’t buy anything yet because I’m having a hard time getting into the whole leather look, I don’t think it comes across so well on a guy with a lithe dancer’s build. -Chase Coxxx