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Sue Kroll Forces Romney To Eat His Words

NBC producer Sue Kroll asked the plastic ken doll why he believes the president's policies have made the economy worse -- when the economy has stopped shrinking (like it was up to 2009), the Dow is climbing instead of falling like it was up till 2009, and when the unemployment rate is down a full percentage point from where it was →

Day 11

Black Women in American Politics Many people seem to forget about the important role black women have played in American politics, but when you think about it, Condoleeza Rice was the most powerful woman in politics (period) at a time when Barack Obama was community organizing as a junior senator for the state of Illinois. Let's not forget the sistas.

Steve King, You Make My Heart Sing.

This is what happens when you allow racial insensitivity to go unchecked. Allowing folks like Rush Limbaugh to spew hate on the federally regulated airwaves has emboldened many republican members of congress. The most recent example is below... and please don't give me that free speech argument. There is nothing in the constitution that protects or sanctions racist propaganda on →

She Tried To Warn Y’all

During the last year or so a lot of the same people who voted for Obama seem to be upset with him for not being a fighter. They seem upset that the President repeatedly tried to govern in a bipartisan way, even though that's what he said he would do if elected. I've seen a lot of people complaining and →