CHASE COXXX, International porn star based in San Francisco. CEO of JuicyGigolo Inc. ( & JuicyGigolo Ent.)

Cum Loaded: Cum Makes The Best Lube (Now in Blu-Ray VOD)


Front cover

Running Time: 60 Minutes

Release: 09/2011

Studio: JuicyGigolo Entertainment

Director: Chase Coxxx

Videographer: Pat T. Kakes

Starring: Troy Moreno, Maverick & Chase Coxxx

If the 3rd time really is a charm then you are truly in for a treat. Watch as Chase Coxxx uses Troy Moreno’s huge cum load as lube while fucking power bottom Maverick in this sloppy, wet, bareback jizz filled fuckfest. 2 cum shots, 1 cream pie… what’s not to love???









Back Cover


You are what you eat.

Smooth & creamy.



Leaking like a faucet.

Troy Moreno mounting Maverick.

Maverick enjoying his beatdown.

Troy's always eating someone.

Cum makes the best lube.

Muscle Men.

Ass pirate.. give me your booty... Arghh!!!

Troy has an ass that (wet) dreams are made of.

Fuck face.


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  1. freaky1

    Just saw the new release. Very hot stuff!

    One quick question…this is a move I have never seen in porn, and I think it would be hot if someone could pull it off. Basically it’s the kind of thing that would work in a scenario where the emphasis is on domination/power fucking.

    The bottom is thoroughly prepped, perhaps off-camera or as part of the preceding action to make sure he’s ready, loose, and that he won’t get hurt. Then the top pulls all the way out, backs up a bit (showing space between the cock and the ass), aims carefully, and slams in balls-deep at full speed with full momentum.

    Kids, don’t try this at home, and this could only be done with a true power bottom. But it surprises me that I don’t see this anywhere, because it could come across as very hot if played the right way.

    Oct 12, 2011 @ 3:58 PM

  2. Andy

    When I think of a handsome built masculine black guy with a big dick, you are it!! Love all your work. My only problem is I want to see you and your love interest only. I just don’t like more people in a scene than that. Just me I know. that way I can keep my attention focused on you!! Good luck with your own porn company.

    Nov 05, 2011 @ 11:03 AM