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Random Rants

Random Rants

I’m going to start using my blog to express my inner thoughts and not just to announce upcoming projects. I’ll call these Random Rants and here’s Random Rant number 1:

Earlier this week the infamous Zach of The Sword website once again made stupid comments while attempting to call out the MOC blog who often waxes poetically about the ridiculous images of ethnic models in gay porn while promoting thug porn products on the same blog. I can’t deny the validity of Zach’s points when he notes that Hoff (MOC blogger) can’t have it both ways, but Zach fucked up when he made comments about the indignation of racial inequality in gay porn as being a perception instead of reality.

It’s obvious that Zach thinks the cries of foul all come from race baiting idiots who mistakenly take issue with the low numbers of ethnic models and the stereotypical images of said models in mainstream gay porn . He thinks if there are no “coloreds” on a list of hot porn guys in 2010 it means that all the non white guys in gay porn deserved to be overlooked and their omissions has nothing to do with a widespread practice of discounting non whites in porn as fringe fetishes.

Zach seems to think there’s a huge difference in thug porn versus mandingo fucker porn. Both show black men as sexual retards. Thug porn displays ethnic models as mindless, weed puffing, uneducated sex machines. Mandingo fucker porn always features overly aggressive caricatures of ethnic men who’s entire existence is to run sex trains on naughty white bottoms boys.

Here’s my response to Zach’s blog post:

Zach, how is Thug Porn any different from the crap that mainstream studios release? A thug and a savage mandingo fucker are one in the same. Diesel Washington & Thugzilla have more in common than you may think. They both promote an image that shows black men in stereotypical and unflattering ways. The only difference is that Thugzilla fucks blacks boys and Diesel primarily fucks white guys, but both primarily showcase black men as detached sexual savages.

There is much outrage amongst men of color (and our supporters) over thug porn, you just aren’t aware of the blogs written by men of color so you think there’s no backlash. When in fact he “colored” community has had many conversations about the embarrassing images of black and brown men presented in thug porn. We often question why no urban porn company has yet to produce a hi quality big, budget Micheal Lucas type (I know, his name is like Voldermort) production comprised of ethic models. I wish you would stop making light of such a serious situation. This whole “gotcha campaign” is distasteful. Racial inequality in porn is a real thing. I talk with many of my fellow ethnic cockstars and most of us yearn to be in hi quality productions. We aren’t satisfied being filmed fucking in filthy flea bag motels with poor lighting and cheap cameras. Running trains on white boys and glorifying thug mentalities is not our first choice. I’ll continue shooting bareback amateur porn before you catch me in Black Balled 3000, White Hoes & Black Bros 57 or Bitch Hunt 12.

PS: I love how Diesel’s response is ALL about him. Someone make this man a clone so he go off and fuck himself already. Ge’ez Louise.

-Chase Coxxx