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Rotten, Dusty, Dried Out Eggs

Yesterday I came across a clip of Wendy Williams asking Vivica A. Fox if her delicious man toy Slimm was blowing her back out. Today I came across another gem, this time it's Wendy & Viv chatting about future relationship plans. Guess who still think they can still have kids? I'll get back to Vivica's delusions and Wendy's announcement about her continued ability →

Vivica Fox Shitted

Vivica Fox celebrates getting her back realigned by a sexy 26 year old man-toy. You'd betta work bitch!!! Ok, it's official, Vivica Anjanetta Fox is a muthafucking boss bitch! That 46 year old tranny faced cradle robber has bagged herself one those sickening ATLiens with youth, body, lips and a smile that makes you wish he was your cell mate during a →