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Earlier this week and I tried to engage Chi Chi Larue in a conversation on Twitter because I had a few serious questions for the gender bender, weight dropping, porn impresario. The fact that I received any reply at all was surprising as my willingness to tell the truth in a sassy, no holds bar way, seems to have landed me in the similar position as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. (Everyone knows that republicans are afraid to go on her show because they know she’s a formidable opponent, they think ignoring her will make her go away)… I thought I would post that interview on my website so that people can see what his responses are:

Chase Coxxx: “‘Black Meat White Heat’ makes me want to snatch your dirty dishwater blonde wig every time I come across that title. but as long as it makes money who cares if it perpetuates a stale stereotype of blk men as sexual savage objects 4 white men?”

Chi Chi Larue: “You hate it!?”

Chase Coxxx: “It’s no different than thug porn except it’s blk on wht instead of blk on blk. We need a new narrative. We can be sensual too”

Chi Chi Larue: “total, i dont know if you have seen all my interracial movies but really i’m all over the board. ask anyone that has worked”

Chase Coxxx:“The title. I just think there are better ways to showcase the sexuality of gay black men outside of blk on wht gangbangs. you are creative and you can do better. Show other sides of black men besides that Black Balled crap.”

Chi Chi Larue: “that is not a gang bang movie it’s a love story. My Blackballeds are Gang Bangs….very Hot i might ad xxxo. my characters are never savages honey just horney fuckers!!”

Chase Coxxx: “You should check out the blogs that cater to men of color (not MOC’s blog) & you’ll see how most black gays feel about it.”

Chi Chi Larue: “It’s one of the great porn debates Diesel and I have had many a talk about it!”

Chase Coxxx: “Diesel is part of the problem as he readily accepts the job offers & willingly perpetuates the “blk sexual savage” caricature. I also wanted to know how effective you think your PSA will be in the black and Latin gay communities which have much higher numbers of infections than the tanned, waxed, sometimes roided up boys of WeHo??? Do you really think those two communities which need to hear your message more than ever these days will pay attention to what is said by a bunch of men they don’t identify with? What guy from Inglewood is listening to what Steven Daigle or Jeremy Bilding has to say about safe sex? How many Mexican fags from East LA will your PSA reach? Perhaps you should’ve pulled out the roster from your Black Balled series so you could call those men and ask them to make a PSA. Doing a safe sex PSA using performers that attract a mostly white audience while whites are infected at a far lower rate than people of color, seems like a waste of time. It’s like spending money to build a community center for rich kids who have nannies and big backyards instead of better using your money, time and efforts by building that same community center in a place that truly needs it the most. Any safe sex PSA should be supported, but honestly, take that argument from the choir and go out into the community already. Can you imagine if a thug porn studio head made a PSA using guys like Corn Bread, Slim Thug, Thugzilla, Jovannie, Freakzilla Diego, and Carlito with the goal of reaching the WeHo-ish crowd that you cater to? How effective would it be? Please Reply.

Is your wig too tight heifer? Don't make me take my earrings off or have me chasing after yo ass.

I’m still waiting on a response to my last set of questions. I know that Chi Chi has received them because he started to follow my Twitter account after my initial question. I retweeted the question a short while later, it seems like the one question that couldn’t be answered in a tongue in cheek way was totally ignored.  How shocking being that Chi Chi has sooo much passion for the advocacy of safer sex, so much so that he is known to throw bitchfits and other people’s microphones in public settings over the highly debated subject. I’m sure that most people by now have seen Chi Chi’s PSA campaign ‘Shut Your Hole’, but some of you may not be aware that most of the men in the PSA have current or past bareback careers, are HIV poz and/or have online profiles where they openly seek out bareback sex. Seems like the condom diva would be against employing anyone who doesn’t agree with or practice her policies. WeHo is a small area, it’s not hard to keep up with what these models are doing. Anyone with a laptop, some objectivity, motivation and at least one working eye can keep track of what’s going on.

If you take a look at the performers that Chi Chi hires, you will see that a good number have barebacking past and/or are currently moonlighting on the bareback scene. Long gone are the days when being in bareback movies was a scarlet letter of shame that prevented models from getting mainstream work. I myself just shot a condom scene during Folsom Fair weekend. Still, a lot (NOT ALL) of pornstars are fake, phony bitches who say one thing in public and do another in private. Some may say that what’s done in private is of no one else’s business and I agree with this, but if you subscribe to the narrative that making bareback movies influences small town folk, young people and others who are sexually ignorant, then you should be concerned with the off screen activities as the risk and danger is still the same.

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-Chase Coxxx

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  1. angel Cruz

    First I’m so mad at u for the Oprah pic! Second. I agree… Me and lotti talked about it. When confronted they all run. …. Make me wanna get a flip cam and gurellia interview hoes

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 10:39 AM

  2. Chase Coxxx

    I felt it was only right of me to use an unflattering picture of me in hag drag since I posted one of Chi Chi, cuz I’m all about my equality. I try to stay fair and balanced like Fox News Corp and since I have never ever done drag I had to go to Big O’s website to get Oprah-fied….. The effects are lingering as I’m still talking in my Oprah “You’re all winning new cars/John Travolta is heeeeere” voice.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 10:56 AM

  3. Tré Xavier

    Chase, you said it yourself…he throws bitchfits. Such a person is going to do the same by playing deaf, dumb, and blind when the deepest of questions come at them.

    While as I said in my vlog how I LOATH Chi Chi LaRue’s casting practices when it comes to men of color (especially Blacks), I must say that you and me may be on the verge of disagreeing. For I RARELY believe statistics. Practically all statistics are made by oppressors of some sort pushing their agenda. And in HIV statistic, that agenda would be to make White seem more disease-free than people of color. Think about it, not only with HIV, but isn’t it funny how the statistics for MOST illnesses claim Blacks (and other people of color) to be the most affected. For this reason, I don’t believe men of color have the highest rate of infection.

    I will give room for error in my feeling towards statistics in this case. For IF minorities do have the highest rate of infection, then it’s PROBABLY because these Black and Latino men are minorities being infected by the “tanned, waxed, sometimes roided up” White HIV positive majority. I say this because of the HIV positive men I’ve come to know, the overwhelming majority are actually White, and the men of color DID NOT get infected by someone of their own ethnicity. So the truth is Chi Chi’s PSA…actually is reaching HIS target audience of Whites. The problem is, as much as I (and even more so Chi Chi himself would) hate to admit, his target audience may be why the infection rate is so high amongst minorities.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 11:52 AM

  4. Chase Coxxx

    I don’t have a problem with you disagreeing with me. Unlike The Sword, my blog welcomes different views and prospectives. I may try to argue you down in an effort to get you to see things my way, but in the end I’m most interested in the unique dialog that open discussions promote.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 12:08 PM

  5. Jon

    Tre Xavier, can you offer any proof to back up your statement? “Practically all statistics are made by oppressors of some sort pushing their agenda. And in HIV statistic, that agenda would be to make White seem more disease-free than people of color.”

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 3:40 PM

  6. Victor

    Good for you, Chase! I said the same thing – perhaps not as adroitly – but, yes, it seemed very strange to see a bunch of waxed and tanned models that only a small segment of the population most at risk can relate to.

    May I suggest making a “Shut Your Hole” version with men of color?

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 4:41 PM

  7. Victor

    And, Tre, blacks have the highest rates of infection relative to their population. You can find out more here:

    Hope this helps.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 4:46 PM

  8. Tré Xavier


    Do you REALLY know the mindset of the people behind statistics? No, you do not! Neither do I, and my comment clearly shows that it is a theory. And since theories become fact when examples are presented as proof, here an example to present as proof by tackling another touchy subject matter…

    Why is it that WAAAAY more American doctors seem to advise circumcision, than European doctors? It’s because the American doctors’ statistics are still telling us that circumcision is more disease-preventive, while a European doctors statistics continue to tell young men plain and simply, “Pull back your foreskin, and wash your dick THOROUGHLY.”
    Therefore, the American doctor is usually the OPPRESSOR of us males keeping our God-given hoods. Luckily, my mother didn’t listen to that crap, and I’m an American rarity by being an UNCUT American male. And many American males marvel at my cock for that reason alone.

    So do want to try quoting me again to make your so-called “point”? Because I make certain that I can back up whatever I say. So if you’re going to quote me, then quote EVERYTHING that I said.

    You wouldn’t dare, because if you did, then you would see that I made it clear as to why I am suspicious of statistics of ANY kind. And now close your mouth, as I’ve just given you another example that justifies my suspicions.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 6:24 PM

  9. Tré Xavier


    The history of HIV says that in its early days Whites were the most infected, now according to those numbers, it’s Blacks. I never said the numbers were wrong, but either way it’s still just numbers. And truth be told, due to that history of HIV, I don’t give a rat’s ass about who is the most infected, because HIV itself doesn’t give a rat’s ass. That’s why I have never chimed in on that argument about which ethnicity has the most infected. My concern is that HIV is out there PERIOD, and I believe everyone has gotten the message about prevention. What I don’t think everyone has gotten the message about is how HIV is no longer the death sentence that it once was.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 6:44 PM

  10. Tré Xavier

    P.S. – Chase,

    Don’t ever show me Chi Chi LaRue that close up without his airbrushing. Yikes!

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 6:47 PM

  11. Victor

    @Tre We’re getting off on a tangent. My beef was that Chi Chi LaRue made a safe-sex message and used white, healthy-looking models (plus Race Cooper) to convey a message of condom use. I thought it was odd – ridiculous even – to create a safe sex message that doesn’t address the exponentially higher rates of HIV infection among blacks.

    It was as if she was saying: I only care about white gay men. I’m not saying that’s how she feels but it certainly informed her choice of which models to include.

    I’m not going to sit here and split hairs about which ethnicity or race is most severely impacted. Everyone is impacted, some more than others and it wasn’t reflected in this particular safe sex message.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 7:15 PM

  12. Jon

    Ummmm, thanks for clearing that up Tre.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 7:41 PM

  13. Tré Xavier


    My first comment shows that I totally agree with you. It is shown in the last 2 sentences of my 1st comment. I personally, because of my reasons for quitting the industry, have just gotten to the point with people in the porn industry that I don’t take their stand on an issue seriously. Especially the likes of a(nother) windbag like Chi Chi LaRue. He can cast whoever he wants in his PSA. I see how it displays how he’s a narrow-minded hypocrite like all the rest. I’ve grown to a point where I’ll see it, MAYBE address it a bit, move on, then let time and karma make them waste away by being their own worst enemy via their narrow-mindedness and hypocrisy.

    So THIS was my addressing the issue. Now, should anything I’ve said here become knowledge to him, then he’ll be walking on a minefield should he try to confront me. Otherwise, I am moving on as of now.

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 7:46 PM

  14. Victor

    Thanks, Tre:

    I sent you a Tweet. I think it’s time we make our own Shut That Hole video.

    I’ll be sending out an email to all my peeps this week.

    Hope you’ll participate. And you too, Chase. And you too, Angel.

    But the first question you – meaning all of you – need to ask yourselves is: What are your feelings towards safe sex messages? Is one taking a morally indefensible position by preaching safe sex? Isn’t that a choice?

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 8:04 PM

  15. WhoIsTimColes

    Very good topic and discussion, I love the fact that you have a brain along with everything else. Some people only see the “GREEN” when it comes to what they do, which is kinda sad. Just keep doing what your doing….That pic of you is now my scene saver!

    Oct 09, 2010 @ 11:39 AM