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I Heart Hugh Jackman





It’s a poorly kept secret that I heart Hugh Jackman’s fine Aussie bum. Ever since I walked past the theater in San Francisco where his one man show is doing it’s test run (before heading to Broadway I presume) and saw his poster on the walls of the building and his name on the marquee, I have been on a steady level 10 of excitement – but that could be the fact that the only reason I walk past the theater is so I can get my doppio espressos from Starbucks.



I told you so


I’ve been so excited about possibly running into Hugh Jackman that I’ve actually tweeted about it several times and all the barista at Starbucks are well are of my quest, I doubt that even Osama BL was hunted with the ferocious intensity I planned to use on my mission. On two separate occasions when walking past the theater I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of his poster. Maybe I need an intervention? I like Hugh Jackman so much because he is a versatile actor that can go from action hero to convincingly playing a gay dancing cabaret singer on Broadway…. and I want him to shred my back with those claws while I’m pounding his cakes.



Just a few minutes ago I was returning from a friend’s house and minding my own business when I noticed an anxious crowd in front of the theater. It took me nano seconds to realize that I had just walked smack dab into the middle of a Hugh sighting. Being a cool, calm and collected man, I was faced with a huge dilemma; do I make good on my promise of meeting Hugh Jackman or do I maintain my dignity and stay on the other side of the street? Well…….


Hugh Jackman theater poster

One was not enough

It was a flash mob of pedestrian paparazzi

Picture in picture (in my fucking picture)

What a bunch of shameless losers for mobbing that poor man (me included).

You best believe I elbowed and clawed my way to the front. Are you kidding?

Am I being obsessive yet?

Not as muscular as when he's shooting an action movie, but I'll still take the cakes.



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