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Expand Your Horizons & Fuck An Asian

Sexy Asian Man (sexuality unknown)

I am one of those guys who truly doesn’t choose sex partners based on race or skin color. Like a rabbit, I will fuck anything that moves as long as I am attracted to it. I feel like excluding others based on race or skin color only serves to limit ones sexual pleasure and potential to find that “special someone”. I don’t subscribe to that whole preference argument because if you choose your sex partners based on ethnicity, then what other areas of your life do you make race based decisions? If your dick or booty practices race based selections, then why should I believe that your heart doesn’t?

I think Asian men face the most sexual discrimination of any other ethnic group in the gay community. I often here guys say things like, “Oh, I don’t discriminate, I’ll sleep with any race except of course Asian..”. Why is that? How can you so casually exclude over 4 billion people worldwide? Seems a bit presumptuous to me. At any rate, I wanted to celebrate the beauty and sexuality of gay Asian men. I hope this makes you think twice before automatically excluding these magnificent beings.

Beijing Booty Buster

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Brandon Lee: Perhaps the most well known gay Asian porn star of the past two decades. In his early career, this Chinese-Filipino sexpot appeared as Sean Martinez in Gloryholes of L.A. from Oh! Man Studios. After that, he had the good fortune to meet Chi Chi LaRue. Seeing his potential, Chi Chi helped to get him a contract at Catalina when he was just 18 – and thus “Brandon Lee” was born. Lee made 11 films with Catalina, including Up For Anything, The Best of Brandon Lee, Chi Chi LaRue’s Fortune Nookie and Asian Persuasion. Lee’s work with Catalina lasted from 1997-1998, after which he left the porn industry in order to join the military. After serving a tour of duty in Iraq, he made a porn comeback in 2005 with Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal Video. With Rascal, Lee appeared in seven successful titles, including Brandon Lee Superstar, Wicked, and Bolt. He became so popular that a Brandon Lee dildo was even released. Although it wasn’t widely known by fans, Brandon also composed musical scores for Chain of Command and Service For Ken from Unzipped, as well as Wicked from Rascal Video. Sadly for fans, the multi-talented Brandon Lee once again retired from porn in 2006, this time to pursue his current career as a chef.

Lee Young: COLT featured the boyish good looks and amazing bubble butt of this Asian stud in both Big N Plenty and Muscle Up.

Gay Asian Eye Candy

Gay Asian Eye Candy

Gay Asian Eye Candy

Gay Asian Eye Candy

Gay Asian Eye Candy

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Hot Gay Asian Eye Candy

Smile You Sexy Asian

Hot Gay Asian

Sexy Gay Asian

Sexy Asian... I hope he's gay

Sexy Asian Hunk


So the next time you’re online looking for a hook up, try to keep an open minded about Asians. They need lovin’ too.

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  1. Ralston Green

    Chase, do you know any websites which cater to black men interested in Asians and vice versa? Thanks.

    Jun 26, 2013 @ 12:48 PM