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How NOT To Measure A Man’s Worth (1/24/13)


It’s 2013 and like clockwork, the vile feud-whore that is Douche Bag Washingturd, once again managed to slither out from his lair of bipolar misery to insult me with unfounded accusations; you know his routine: a noun, a verb and an HIV slur. Well, this time his minstrel routine of coonery & buffoonery had me thinking about the false sense of superiority he felt as a result of his alleging he has a negative status and claiming I don’t. I wanted to analyze why he thought his use of condoms (at least on camera) made him a better person than those of us who do not…. Instead of delving into these topics while arguing back and forth on Twitter, I opted for witty retorts and brutal smackdowns; besides a blog posts is the proper forum for more in depth commentary. 140 character is a recipe for reduction.

There is an inaccurately vicious, bullshit-laden myth about all porn stars being stupid people who come from broken homes and that we suffer from substance abuse, depression and we all have some sort of virus or disease. We are easy targets for those who want to talk about people that are “obviously” of lesser value. Conventional wisdom pushes this narrative that we are all egomaniacs who lack the capacity to have meaningful relationships because we are dead on the inside. Damaged goods. Even the normally cool Tina Fey & Amy Poehler took a few seconds to piss on porn stars while hosting the Golden Globes recently by insinuating that porn is a choice of last resorts:

“No one ever has plans to do porn, Tina.”

The way most people on the condom side of the industry have responded to this myth is by using bareback porn as a scapegoat. Suddenly all of the bad elements of gay porn could  be blamed on those of us who have decided to have sex on camera the way it was invented. It’s also a way for certain gay outlets to rationalize using porn stars to help draw attention to their events, well, I’m using a condom porn star, they are different, it’s acceptable. The same mentality is responsible for those escorts who somehow think they are better than or separate from street hookers & other prostitutes. I’m different, they are the problem, not me…  And to that I give the same response I gave to the last escorting client who asked me for a discount:

My reaction to the scapegoating of bareback porn

Nowadays there are plenty of porn stars who use condoms (at least on camera) that run around spreading the myth about all bareback performers being suicidal virus-bots who do damage to the gay community. Apparently these misguided hypocrites aren’t aware that people will judge you for having sex on camera period, using a condom on camera will NOT save you from the haters or their hate…. but some of these girls still try it. I seriously doubt there’s a judge in the afterlife who will split hairs when it comes to condom versus bareback porn.

Anyone who clutches their pearls in shock at basic human behavior ( such as bareback sex) has no understanding of basic human behavior whatsoever. Here are some of my recent tweets on the matter:

In my own words

Trying to measure my value as a person based on the kind of sex I have is stupid and will do you a disservice. Fucking without a condom doesn’t tell you anything about the kind of man I am. It gives you no insight into my mentality or my character and having bareback sex doesn’t necessarily mean one has an  STI or STD. Every person you have ever met is the result of bareback sex, minus a few test tube babies & white Jesus. I’m not understanding why gay men are thought to be broken-souled pariahs whenever we follow our natural sexual instincts and straight folks aren’t. Not all of this can be blamed on the opportunist in condom porn who want to bully bareback producers, models & shame bareback fans as a result of their own declining sales due to the popularity surge of raw content. Some of this can also be blamed on you viewers who watch condom-free videos & engage in bareback sex in private while shitting on the genre in public.

Find a better way to measure a man’s worth that doesn’t include his sexual habits.

In the past, the absolute terror of the AIDS crisis managed to lessen the amount of bareback sex within the gay community, things have since returned to normal (yes, normal) as the health crisis in the U.S. has calmed some due to the advances in treatment and prevention.

All critical thinkers know most gay men, just like men in general, have sex without condoms. There are tons of gay men in committed relationships who have condom-less sex. Why a majority in my opinion, of gay men having unprotected sex is such a controversy is beyond me.

Having great skin-to-skin sex doesn’t tell you anything more than: that guy has terrific sex; it’s NO way to measure a man’s worth.

I know bareback sex isn’t the best national health policy. Neither is smoking cancer sticks, eating red meat or accusing BeyoncĂ© of lip syncing at the 2013 inauguration in front of her BeyHive fan club members. Again, anyone who clutches their pearls in shock at basic human behavior has no understanding of human behavior.

By the way, haven’t you heard? Condoms are not the only solution, sero-sorting (sex with people of the same HIV status), regular HIV testing (it’s those who assume they are negative that do most of the HIV transmitting), and the soon to be released rectal microbicides (use your favorite search engine to look it up) are all viable options.

What we need to do is find a fucking cure because we are NEVER going to get the majority of humans to use barriers when having sex.

PS: In closing I will leave some stats I pulled from the Center For Disease Control’s website about the HIV transmission risk:

The risk of getting HIV varies widely, depending on the type of exposure. Transmission happens most often during sexual or drug-using activity, and the chance of getting HIV varies for each act. 

Different factors can increase or decrease transmission risk. For example, taking antiretroviral therapy (i.e., medicines for HIV infection) can reduce the risk of an HIV-infected person transmitting the infection to another by as much as 96%1. Consistent use of condoms reduces the risk of getting or transmitting HIV by about 80%2. Conversely, having a sexually transmitted infection or a high level of HIV virus in the blood (which happens in early and late-stage infection) may increase transmission risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reviewing the most recent science and constructing mathematical models to update transmission risk.

At the end of the day this means that you have a lesser chance of contracting HIV while having condom-less sex with someone who is HIV positive and has a low viral rate and takes their medicine than you do having condom sex with someone who isn’t aware of or honest about their positive HIV status and high viral load. Basically, HIV positive people who have undetectable viral loads have less than a 4% chance of transmitting HIV during no condom sex while having condoms sex with an advanced stager is super duper risky by carrying a 20% chance of transmission …. At this point, condom users have no good reason to run around feeling like they are better than barebackers.

“I reject your attempts to define me based on the kind of awesome sex I have.”

“Fuck you and every one of your attempts to oppress me for having sex the same way your parents did when they created you!”


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  1. Truth

    Interesting. I think that a lot of people who judge bb porn in the black community has a lot to do w/ Trapboyys recent rant on twitter where he exposed breeditraw to working w/models who have stds & are positive. I guess some people attack you bc of double standards & bc you worked for breeditraw….its not right but some people judge too much.

    Jan 24, 2013 @ 4:20 PM

  2. TsSexyChanel

    Standing ovation and you know the pics make my day

    Jan 24, 2013 @ 11:45 PM

  3. Toby

    Did you actually write this? I suggest you retire from porn NOW! Damn it! -- you do realize that you ACTUALLY write so bloody well. Why have you not bank on this talent of yours?

    Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:05 PM

  4. Lotta Roti

    Do tell! I’ve been telling to him that an opinionated, intelligent guy like him who is such a great writer should become a social scientist once he gets tired of porn.

    Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:21 PM

  5. Toby

    Chase must be reading this, and if he does, he ought not to give his writing skills a second-guess.
    I read vociferously, I am picky as to what I read. When I read this, I had to re-read it asking myself why I was drawn to it, why the fact he’s a gay porn star was never in that equation, why the fact that his pictures of his penis didn’t sway me, why an intelligent bloke like him suppresses his talent(not porn)?
    Forget porn, just Write, damn it!

    Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:55 PM

  6. Joe Ellen

    I applaud Chase for his thoughts on this. Seems to be a double-standard for barebacking when it comes to the negroid community in particular. We should all be past that at this point.

    Jan 26, 2013 @ 10:57 AM

  7. Lotta Roti

    Well I think his contribution to porn industry is great too, not just the films but the opinions and way of doing business.

    He is young and has this thing going now -- there is the rest of his life for writing and possibly doing research if he chooses higher education. There is no expiration date for that, unlike porn.

    And I agree, I am a voracious reader and a communications major, and this is great writing. It also has a very personal spunky style.

    Jan 27, 2013 @ 12:54 PM

  8. Rusty Goldberg

    I am not trying to put you down. If I put you down, I would put you down ass up and be down on you. LOL. I don’t feel I can disrespect porn stars simply because I enjoy watching porn. However, I support condom use at all times. Being an older person, most of my friends I made in my 20′s are deceased or infected with hiv. I know without question, the reason I’m still here and uninfected is because I always use dondoms. I don’t think porn stars who use condoms are better than those pornstars who don’t use them. I do think that using a condom all the time is the wise thing to do I also think promoting condom use is the responsible thing to do too.

    Feb 07, 2013 @ 3:50 PM

  9. Chase Coxxx

    You can promote condom use all you want, but human nature is human nature. Do you think natural sex is only for heterosexuals who wish to procreate? The scientific facts don’t lie, condom usage cuts down, but does not eliminate the risk. I don’t tell people what to do one way or the other when it comes to condoms, what I do tell people is to get tested, know their status and seek treatment if applicable. Thanks for your comment.

    Feb 07, 2013 @ 4:40 PM

  10. jason

    Who cares what you think about anything you’re nothing but a prostitute

    Feb 11, 2013 @ 9:45 PM

  11. Chase Coxxx

    It’s funny how you have the same IP address as Gregory Hatfield (http://www.facebook.com/Greg.Hatfield69), the person who’s recent purchase I decided to cancel and fully refund because I dislike the tone of your email. Do you think I really give a shit about your tantrums? Stay mad and continue to let me know that my shade has shaken you to the core. PS: Slave slurs in 2013??? You really are from the South. #Weak

    Feb 12, 2013 @ 3:19 AM

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  14. Michel

    It is interesting that you talk about “natural instincts” and on the other hand have sex for money. You can say that you love your job, but when you are filming, for example, you MUST have your dick hard, you must act, because it is a business. That said, I want to make it clear that it is not “natural instincts” at all.

    One way or the other, I think it’s okay for this capitalistic industry, which is the porn movies, to have bareback sex, because it is a “movie” after all. Who doesn’t want to watch that?

    However, in real life, I don’t think I could have bareback sex with every guy I meet on the corner and I do think that those who have are very likely to be infected with a STD.

    May 30, 2013 @ 12:02 AM